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Build your message in our editor using one of our templates or your own HTML code. Add logos, images and links to your message.

Immediately send your email campaign or schedule it to go out.  Track who's opening and clicking on your message. 

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"After trying many different email marketing systems, I found Contact Marketing Pro.  I have been using the system for 6 years and for me there is not another that comes close to the effectiveness and the delivery power of CMP.  Each week I send out my message and for the rest of the week, I have new agents to talk to and share our value proposition.  I wouldn’t use any other program!" 

Contact Marketing Pro uses sending credits to send email campaigns and for each email adderess delivered we deduct 1 credit from your account.  A delivered email address means that the server we sent it to confirmed that the email was delivered.  However, some emails confirmed as delivered by the gateway server could be sent to the recepients junk folder depending on their individual SPAM filter settings.

I am glad we found each other 4 years ago.  The value we get from CMP is unmatchable anywhere in the agent recruiting space.  Using CMP is easy and there is no large upfront capital outlay to start.  We can send out millions of recruiting emails at a fraction of the cost we were paying.  Great Job on CMP! 

Doug Mitchell
Ogletree Financial Services, Inc.

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The Contact Marketing Pro team know what we go through as a marketing organization to inform and attract new producers.  The system is easy to use, robust and the cost effective versus splurging on massive campaigns with other vendors.  We can schedule things out in advance or put something together and send something out on the fly in the matter of minutes with no surprises, it works and costs the same no matter what.  Contact Marketing Pro has become a staple element of our outbound marketing because there is no other system out there that can do what it can do with the effectiveness it has.

Michael Schellinger
Synergy Annuity Marketing

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